Customs escort and clearance
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 We work with any participants of Foreign Trade Activity(FTA):

  • Individuals 
  • Legal entities
  • Sole proprietors

We carry out customs clearance of all the product groups, including subjects of excise duty and those with phytosanitary requirements. We perform customs clearance of import and export, reimport and reexport, temporary import, import for processing, temporary export and also import by a Harmonized System goods nomenclature unified code and internal customs transit.

We provide assistance in obtaining necessary certificates and various permits, in preparing VAT reimbursement documents for exporters on the fact of export.

We deal with “challenging” cargo and dual - use goods with complicated customs treatment procedure. We arrange preparation and filing of required documents after the administrative infringements.

We provide economical options of cargo storage in Temporary Storage Warehouses (TSW) in Pskov and Pskov region for the time of customs clearance procedure. We also have the opportunity to arrange customs clearance, handling and storage in the European Union at our partners’ warehouses and transportation of any cargo - even oversized loads - from anywhere in the world by any transport.