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Nadezjda - Deputy Director "Neva-Technology"
I have been working with company for 2 years. They do an excellent job, I am glad that the registration is faster than in St. Petersburg, I recommend!
10 Oct 2018
Aleksandrov Sergey - An Individual Entrepreneur
The seller of equipment that I have set and cleared from Europe, recommended you are as an excellent support in the customs clearance, he was not wrong, thank you! "Cleared: the drying unit, line of woodworking, sorting, dry and wet, a lot of small woodworking machinery"
19 Jan 2017
Anders Sjostedt - Director of Grand Forest AB, Sweden
Anders Sjostedt - Director of Grand Forest AB, Sweden
For more than three years, RosTorg has been engaged in customs clearance for us of various woodworking equipment, plants and machine tools. All high quality and fast. Thank!
7 Jul 2016